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Google Chrome

September 3, 2008

Everyone knows that for many of the big companies out there, World domination is just one of the boxes to be ticked (along with start a religion and recruit a band of brainwashed cultists to vehemently fight any criticism of their God, see “Apple iPhone”) along the path of righteousness and self fulfillment.  All the big companies expand as far as they can in their respective sectors, before diversifying (or badly attempting to diversify, see “Window’s Zune”) into another field of business.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always exciting to watch.

The latest company to try something new is Google, with their new web browser, Chrome.  Whereas Google made their conciderable money and fame in search engines, it’s time that they moved to browsers as the next step in owning the Internet.  Chrome is more than just a web browser, it allows the user to use online applications, provided by Google, such as word processing engines, Maps and Picasa, directly through the browser rather than via a web page or browser plug-in. This is an obvious step in Google’s development, i’m just surprised it’s taken so long.

This is going to be an easy product to market for Google.  With a near dominance of the search engine markets, we can expect to be flooded with banners, suggestions and maybe even the dreaded pop-ups to “upgrade” to Google Chrome.  After all, you just have to click ONE button and it’s all done for you.

I think chrome is going to be a roaring success, and it’s going to be tough for Firefox et al to hang in there over the coming months.  If Google Chrome is really that good (and works effectively on mobile browsers), then we can expect some big things from Firefox and IE in the future to fight back.  Of course, this is great for us internet users, so let the battle commence.