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Moving with the times

August 20, 2008

Is your business up-to-date? Can you honestly take a step back and say “Yes! we are so far ahead of the curve it’s almost in front of us!”? Sure, you’re online, and yes, you have a website that has fun pictures on it, but do you really understand why you are there? Most importantly though, do you market online like you would market offline, or have you got an online marketing strategy designed specifically for the online audience?

As the marketplace gets busier, we all need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, but very often these methods are used at the expense of out company image. I’ve cringed so many times when a pop-up for a major company has jumped onto my screan shouting “CLICK ME!” at the top of it’s lungs (I’ve cringed because that company is effectively ruining it’s “street cred” by using desperate looking pop-ups and banners in the first place). The funny thing is, after years of surfing (internet, not shark based), I have developed a skill that nearly every other internet user now has, or has had for many years. It’s the ability to completely ignore banners, pop-ups and all other corporate promotions online. When pop-ups try to get me to accidentally click on them, I have an incredible nervous reaction. With a flick of the wrist and a click of the finger, they are gone without me even needing to read them. Banners? No chance, I have selected sight, and totally blank all promotions.

Now then, having read how everyday internet users react to these marketing tools, can you still say you are moving with the times or are you just wasting money on pointless promotions that really, truly, do not work?