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The power of blogging

November 25, 2008

I just thought I’d demonstrate how all areas of media need to be encompassed for a true web marketing strategy to work. Awareness can come from the most unlikely sources, so it’s worth the extra effort to cover all bases, and blogging is a key area to work on.

A brief example can be taken from another one of my blogs,  As part of my sailing campaign I’ve been promoting the team via the blog for over a year.  Within 4 months we had been awarded a Google Page Rank of 4, which is one of the highest in the UK for a sailing website.  Anyway, through the blog we have received sponsorship deals, sold numerous boats and built strong awareness for our “brand” within the UK sailing community.  We’ve not tried anything fancy or new, just updated regularly, provided interesting content, a range of media (images, videos, type) and have worked to integrate ourselves within the community.  We have gone from being fairly unknown online, to being the first stop for a large number of enthusiasts.  We’ve even gotten ourselves onto a Musto poster campaign:

My brother Justin poses in front of Musto poster campaign

My brother Justin poses in front of Musto poster campaign featuring an image of us racing

The moral of the story?  You need to realise how powerful blogging can be and fully embrace the impact it can have on your brand.  Although this is an example from a small sports team I feel it is still a useful measure of success.  Without any previous brand awareness, we have become extremely well known within the British sailing community.  There’s no reason your business can’t benefit from blogging.

Leadership and England Cricket

August 8, 2008

I’m going to be looking into leadership a lot more in the future, as I believe it is one thing that covers so many fascinating aspects of business, and is a skill that can be learnt as well as intrinsically possessed naturally, as many suggest. Anyway, this is just a really quick post. Stay with me.

I’ve been watching with interest the success and failure of the England Cricket team for some years. I was talking to my brother yesterday about Micheal Vaughan’s retirement from the England Captaincy and Kevin Pietersen’s promotion. So Justin had a small bet with a good friend that KP would be England captain for the Test side within 2 years, and his friend vehemently denied his chances, stating nationality, lack of experience, lack of composure and lack of leadership as reasons to keep him out of the captains job. This really got me thinking. Vaughan was a fantastic captain, with a great strategic brain and strong leadership skills, yet he wasn’t performing with the bat. Although Vaughan was a very good captain, he was dropped because his non-captains role of batsman was letting him down. In business, if a CEO was a great leader with strong ideas and a level head, would he be fired because his sales skills weren’t that great? Now then, KP is a fantastic batsman and a talisman for English Cricket, yet has no experience for captaining a test side. Yet he was made captain? I fully agree with him leading his team, but it really makes me wonder what makes someone captain material. Is it his performance at his role BEFORE he was picked, or should it be his potential in the new role?

It just goes to show that sometimes you can be the best in your business, yet you’ll always have pressure from some flashy sub-ordinate. The grass is always greener on the other side of that fence, so it’s always a challenge to perform. Ok, onto my point: How many times have you started a job, been the golden boy for a few months and then slumped as you have become bored? It’s incredible to see the effort put in by so many people in the early months of their job, yet they ALWAYS slacken off and lose their edge. The learning behind this? Promotion, even perceived promotion, is a great way to get people performing. Even if it’s giving them another role to look after, or shifting roles between your workforce every few months, it keeps people interested and keeps them performing. After all, they are trying to impress you, so why not give them something to impress you with. And remember, the quiet ones who have lost their edge are a drain on your company, but so is training up new staff. Find those bored workers, and get them new and interesting jobs and let them SHOW you that they have the talent. After all, that’s what we all want. To look the best…

So, what’s this got to do with KP? He was given a chance, an outside shot, by England. Look where he is now.

Sorry to my American readers for all the cricket talk. I promise to write a post on Hockey or Football (American) next time. But not BBall. I hate anyone who is taller than me…

We’re going to need a bigger boat!

August 5, 2008

I get asked all the time what the key to success on the internet is. I’ve worked in online social media for a number of years, building several blogs to Page Rank 4 and 5, marketing sites (increases of over 200% and over 200,000 views a month have been seen in the first few months), launching and seeding viral videos and just generally spending every waking moment thinking of ways to attract Mr internet user to client’s sites. I’m not going to go over the entire range of methods we employ, but I’ll talk about one of the first things that needs to be right before we even think about consumer orientated marketing and fancy marketing strategies.

When people talk to me, whether it’s in the pub, on the rugby pitch (yes I have made a deal whilst playing rugby, and no the guy didn’t end up standing on my head ten minutes later), I nearly always see their site and say the same thing:

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

Now, I’m not talking about heading off to buy a copy of boat trader to pick up an inflatble bath tub, I’m talking about increasing the scale of your site in the eyes of Google. To continue the somewhat strained nautical analogies, why not imagine Google as a radar dish. If you have a site, even if it has a large number of pages, that is badly tagged with few keywords, Google can’t pick you up. The steam liner full of internet users, with pockets stuffed full of pay-pal accounts, will sail right past you. The successful sites are the ones with so many words and phrases that Google sees them as a giant iceberg on it’s radar screen, crashing Mr internet users pay-pal dollars all over their snowy surfaces (lame analogy, yes. funny? Maybe..). It’s amazing how often I see venues that have fancy flash programming with moving pictures, crazy animations etc, yet seriously lack in any meta tagging, key words or anything else to help search engines find them. It’s like having a house without a postcode, or a phone without a number, or a …. nevermind, that’ll probably do it.. Anyway, having a site that lacks SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is crazy, especially since you’ve spent so much money on those fancy animations.

Now, SEO is something that we can help with. We can make sure that your site is as visable to the search engines as is humanly possible. With this set up, your venue will begin to see huge increases in traffic over a short period of time. Once completed, all you need to do is promote your site to bring new users and links backs from blogs, and you’ll be in the right area to start to benefit from the opportunities available online.