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Leadership and England Cricket

August 8, 2008

I’m going to be looking into leadership a lot more in the future, as I believe it is one thing that covers so many fascinating aspects of business, and is a skill that can be learnt as well as intrinsically possessed naturally, as many suggest. Anyway, this is just a really quick post. Stay with me.

I’ve been watching with interest the success and failure of the England Cricket team for some years. I was talking to my brother yesterday about Micheal Vaughan’s retirement from the England Captaincy and Kevin Pietersen’s promotion. So Justin had a small bet with a good friend that KP would be England captain for the Test side within 2 years, and his friend vehemently denied his chances, stating nationality, lack of experience, lack of composure and lack of leadership as reasons to keep him out of the captains job. This really got me thinking. Vaughan was a fantastic captain, with a great strategic brain and strong leadership skills, yet he wasn’t performing with the bat. Although Vaughan was a very good captain, he was dropped because his non-captains role of batsman was letting him down. In business, if a CEO was a great leader with strong ideas and a level head, would he be fired because his sales skills weren’t that great? Now then, KP is a fantastic batsman and a talisman for English Cricket, yet has no experience for captaining a test side. Yet he was made captain? I fully agree with him leading his team, but it really makes me wonder what makes someone captain material. Is it his performance at his role BEFORE he was picked, or should it be his potential in the new role?

It just goes to show that sometimes you can be the best in your business, yet you’ll always have pressure from some flashy sub-ordinate. The grass is always greener on the other side of that fence, so it’s always a challenge to perform. Ok, onto my point: How many times have you started a job, been the golden boy for a few months and then slumped as you have become bored? It’s incredible to see the effort put in by so many people in the early months of their job, yet they ALWAYS slacken off and lose their edge. The learning behind this? Promotion, even perceived promotion, is a great way to get people performing. Even if it’s giving them another role to look after, or shifting roles between your workforce every few months, it keeps people interested and keeps them performing. After all, they are trying to impress you, so why not give them something to impress you with. And remember, the quiet ones who have lost their edge are a drain on your company, but so is training up new staff. Find those bored workers, and get them new and interesting jobs and let them SHOW you that they have the talent. After all, that’s what we all want. To look the best…

So, what’s this got to do with KP? He was given a chance, an outside shot, by England. Look where he is now.

Sorry to my American readers for all the cricket talk. I promise to write a post on Hockey or Football (American) next time. But not BBall. I hate anyone who is taller than me…